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Three-Quarters of People Would Ignore a Website That Was Not Optimized for Mobile

Mobile internet connection speed is the most important factor for 8 out of 10 global markets, with the exceptions being Australia and the UK. 61% of consumers worldwide say a faster download of content would increase their satisfaction with the mobile web, and a third (33%) of consumers demand the same functionality of their mobile websites as they do of PC websites.

The overwhelming pressure for a better quality of experience demonstrates how the explosion of connected devices is leading to better informed and increasingly expectant consumers across both developed and emerging markets.

­According to a survey by NetBiscuits, more than 76% of respondents said they would simply not bother trying to use a website that was not optimized for mobile. Of those, a third (32%) would not return to the website at all, preferring to either to give up or try a competitor website instead.

The post-PC world and global appetite for mobile

The report uncovered an global appetite for the mobile web, with almost half of all respondents spending between one and six hours accessing it each day. Over 25% of respondents spend more than 6 hours on the mobile web each day, with 7% engaging with the web for 12 hours or greater.

China led the way in terms of the most use, with 53% spending 6 hours or more per day accessing the mobile web. Country-by-country analysis revealed that France spent the least amount of time accessing mobile content online.

App overload

While there continues to be a great deal of publicity around the popularity of apps on mobile devices, the report shows that only 27% of respondents would usually download an app when prompted to do so online, despite 75% being exposed to these prompts. When browsing or searching for information on the mobile web, 79% of respondents globally said they would prefer to have the option of using a mobile website, as opposed to 18% who were happy just using native apps.

“The mobile web is one of the biggest disruptive forces we have ever seen,” commented Daniel Weisbeck, CMO Netbiscuits. “The resemblances in attitudes between these ten very different markets are remarkable, and we see a clear basis for brands to take proactive action to improve their mobile web offering. With speed being the number one factor worldwide in determining customer satisfaction, and independent research suggesting every lost second costs a 7% decrease in conversions, we hope that brands will take steps to ensure their consumers receive the best possible experience they can offer.”


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