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Broadcasting Text Messages into Space

An attempt to broadcast short targeted messages at the potential occupants of other planets has been launched.

The Lone Signal project will provide anyone with an Internet connection the opportunity to compose and transmit messages to stars suspected to harbor habitable planets orbiting within their circumstellar habitable zones – otherwise referred to as “goldilocks zones.”

Lone Signal’s first interstellar target is Gliese 526 and is 17.6 light years from the Earth — so the first messages sent will take nearly 18 years to arrive, and another 18 years for a reply to be received, should one be sent.

Every Lone Signal “beamer” will have the opportunity to send one free 144-character text-based message into space.

After a user sends their initial free message, Lone Signal will be offering paid credit packages for purchase that allow users to transmit and share longer messages as well as images.

The broadcasts are sent from the Jamesburg Earth Station in Carmel, California.


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