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Brits Waste £5.8m a Year on One Hit Wonder Apps

A growing number of one-hit-wonder apps are cluttering up smartphone, from flab buster guides to calorie counters, recipe cheat books and language learners.

According to research from UK based Tesco Mobile, fitness apps rank as the most neglected when it comes to apps downloaded with the best intentions but rarely opened.

Brits waste an estimated £5.8 million a year on paid for apps that are never used, the phone network claims. While the average British smartphone has 23 apps installed on it, less than a third of them are used on a regular basis.

The research reveals that Brits are clinging onto their extra app baggage, with only 10% deleting unused apps on a weekly basis, and 15% admitting that they have never deleted an app from their handset.

And it’s not just apps that are going untouched on our smartphones; Brits admit they don’t know who’s who in their phonebook.

Tesco Mobile found that the average phone has 66 phone numbers in its contact list, but we have absolutely no recollection of who 10% of those contacts are.

Simon Groves, Chief Marketing Officer, Tesco Mobile said: “A bit of savvy app shopping, making the most of top notch free apps and giving your phone a bit of a clear out will make space for what you do need and save you money all at the same time.”


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