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Vodacom Deploys DigitalRoute to Upgrade Mediation Requirements

South Africa’s Vodacom has completed the upgrade of its mediation platform with the new service being provided by DigitalRoute.

DigitalRoute’s MediationZone was selected to replace a legacy solution that Vodacom had relied on for over a decade but which was reaching the end of its shelf life. Vodacom was especially spurred to investigate replacement alternatives as the legacy product headed towards its processing capacity and the cost of the hardware upgrades, in the region of 100 million SA Rand, necessary to extend this were prohibitive.

The transformation, which took into account mediation for all Vodacom’s lines of business, was staged over approximately a 14 month period with the first phase going live in as little as eight months. At its conclusion, Vodacom was feeding some 42 million Packet Data Network gateway events and up to 60 million CDRs a day into MediationZone, sourced from 25 data streams pulled from elements across its entire network.

According to Vodacom manager – Mediation Applications Support Ferouzah van der Schyff, “the magnitude of the MZ Solution transformation project was significant, not only in terms of on-boarding or migration of all data streams from the legacy Mediation Applications to MZ, but also in terms of the decoding and business processing rules that had accumulated over a decade. The performance benefits resulting from the new solution architecture were immediately apparent, allowing for ease of tuning with the quick introduction of parallel collection, processing and distribution workflows.”


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