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Nokia Expected to Show Off 41-Megapixel Camera Next Month

Nokia has dropped a strong hint that it is close to showing off the long-rumoured radical camera phone after it sent out invites to a press conference.

When the company first showed off its Pureview sensor last year, the software underpinning it was still based on the Symbian OS, but the capabilities of the camera sensor stunned commentators.

Nokia has been widely rumoured in recent weeks to be planning a Windows Phone based Lumia handset incorporating the 41MP camera sensor this summer.

Although the camera is capable of taking massive photos, its primary aim is to enable very high level zooming in without losing resolution – something which has not been possible on a cameraphone to date – and also for the cameraphone to work in very low light levels without needing a flash.

That functionality would fit in very neatly with the press invite, which is to a “zoon” event.

Nokia has also recently invested in a company that has developed a groundbreaking camera design — based around a 16 lens array. Pelican Imaging’s computational camera technology provides depth mapping at every pixel, enabling “the perfect picture” every time and allowing users to perform an unprecedented range of selective focus and edits, both pre- and post-capture. The camera itself is also about 50% thinner than existing mobile cameras.

The Nokia press event will take place on 11th July.


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